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Located on a railway right-of-way on the outskirts of the West Palm Beach’s urban core, this mixed-use complex includes design studios, retail and office space.  Originally home to two dilapidated warehouse buildings, the larger of the two, linear in design, is replicated in the site footprint with the addition of a sculpture garden and courtyards.  To address the extreme South Florida climate, the sawtooth pattern design provides artists and tenants with individual studio/office space.  Abundant natural light, northern exposure and appropriate solar orientation is in response to the region’s climatic conditions.

The 501 Studio project’s intent is to create synergy between this industrial site and its surrounding cultural city center in an evolving redevelopment area.  Anchored by the Norton Museum, the developer/builder, Vince Burkhardt, an established community leader and lifetime resident, envisions that this project will revitalize and begin the renaissance for this blighted side of town.

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