Maltz Jupiter Theatre

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Jupiter, Florida

Overall Project Size (sq ft):  65,941 SF

Project Addition (sq ft):  34,076 SF

As the project’s original architects, our program directive was to upgrade the former Burt Reynolds Theater and Training Academy into a theatre to accommodate plays, orchestras and shows. The existing roof was raised 12 feet to improve acoustics and site lines. The floor was reshaped with air conditioning from below. The design included a new back-of-house area; a new lobby with stairs, elevator and ticket booths; a Founder’s Lounge; a “black box” theatre; and a children’s theatre. The site was landscaped and numerous exotic plants eradicated.

Fast forward fifteen years and the Maltz Jupiter Theatre has become one of Florida’s preeminent professional theatre’s with all required elements to produce Broadway-scale productions and high-quality educational opportunities through its conservatory that prepares young performers for a career in the performing arts.  So successful the Theatre has become that they turned to CSA architects once again to achieve the next transformation into an iconic regional theater.  The new design will not only double in size the Theatre’s Conservatory, but also modernize the production facilities with an expanded stage that will be ten feet deeper and six feet wider on either side with adequate fly space and an orchestra pit; Enabling the Theatre to qualify for Pre-Broadway and National Tours. Furthermore, a flex theater will be added along with rehearsal studios that will provide actors with a view, and residents with the opportunity to see actors working and rehearsing.  Programming includes dressing areas, green room, costume preparation, prop shop, dance and rehearsal studios as well as back of the house. The building is intended to display a sense of eminence onto the functions within–an expression of focus paralleling the interplay of lighting onto a performance.