Pompano Beach Fire Rescue Station 24

Pompano Beach Fire Rescue Station 24

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Pompano Beach, Florida

Project Size (sq ft):  13,000 SF

To be completed:  Fall 2018

The City of Pompano Beach intends to replace the existing Pompano Beach Fire Station 24 located at 2001 N.E. 10th Street Pompano Beach, Florida with a new two story 4 bay apparatus Fire Station. The City was so pleased with Station 11 that it was replicated for Station 103 (with site adjustments) and now serves as the prototype design for the proposed Fire Station #24 design build. The existing fire station will be demolished and the existing site will be prepared for the construction of the new fire station.  New services and utilities will be provided for the new fire station along with all new landscaping, 20 parking spaces for staff and 3 visitor parking spaces.  The fire station will have offices, a training room and exercise room on the first floor.  On the second floor will be the firefighters living area, which includes the dormitories, kitchen and day room.

The New Pompano Beach Fire Station No. 24 will be a better version of our previous Fire Stations 11 and 103.  Taking lessons learned as a result of previous construction challenges and selection of finish materials will be a great benefit to the City on this next Station. Taking cues from the previous stations we will modify the architectural elements and color as the City and other stakeholders feels appropriate.  The storm hardened structure will be designed and constructed to meet the Category V storms that can come our way.  The Station will be designed to achieve a minimum level of Silver Certification and the Team will meet with FAA Consultant to finalize site and building plans to comply with FAA airspace requirements.