Miami Beach-Collins Park Parking Structure

Miami Beach, Florida

Request for proposal response; Design/build services

PROJECT SCOPE:  The facility is required to provide a minimum of 500 parking spaces for public users of the adjacent Miami Beach City Ballet, Miami Beach Regional Library, and nearby Collins Park. A minimum of 15,000 square feet of multipurpose space for retail/restaurant leasing is included on the Ground Level adjacent to the street frontage on three sides of the building. Additional Ground Level spaces include a Security Office, public restrooms, bicycle and scooter parking, loading/unloading areas for the retail/restaurant space, trash storage and pickup area, and utility rooms for the required emergency generator, fire pump, electrical, etc.COVERED PLAZA LEVEL: Creating a pedestrian experience is vital to this project being successful. We were able to creatively provide a large upper plaza level of 4,769 square feet that could be used by the retailers and still maintain the minimum retail area required. The high ceiling space of approximately 18’ above the plaza level adds to the open feeling of being outside and protected from inclement weather. The main plaza area is located on the north side of the structure on 23rd Street and will be in shade all year. Access to the plaza level can be obtained through multiple locations of stairs and ramps from the existing sidewalk, all ADA compliant. Open cable railing is proposed to maximize the visual integration of the elevated plaza and retail with the existing sidewalk. Clear curtain wall glazing (approximately 18’ tall), is full height from floor to ceiling and will provide the transparency that retailer’s desire.

FAÇADE DESIGN SOLUTION: Our solution was to create a simple parking structure that provides easy circulation from both a vehicular and pedestrian aspect. The urban fabric in which the project is located requires the respect of both pattern movements. Not only is the movement and circulation an important aspect to the solution, so is the aesthetic value that is brought to this important neighborhood. We felt that this was so important that we have created two alternative façade design solutions for consideration. Both façade design solutions can be used interchangeably with the structure for the parking garage, thereby providing the City with two simple options.

FAÇADE DESIGN: This façade design challenges the traditional horizontality of a typical, utilitarian parking garage by adding varied colorful translucent vertical elements. These poly-carbonate panels echo the Miami art deco style in vivid tropical colors, providing a stained glass effect inside the garage during the day and a dynamic glowing modern façade at night. Integrated shadow boxes along the facade allow for the added excitement of a revolving art display or signage. This interplay between the old and the new represents that evolving character of Miami Beach.

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FAÇADE DESIGN ALTERNATE: The design intent is to be expressive of the location and of the adjacent neighbor, the Miami Beach City Ballet School. The subtropical location with its rich cultural mix and respect of the building next door is the impetus for this design, a sense of rhythm, light, and air. The metal envelope moves as though pushed by the winds. The openings are an abstraction of perhaps palm fronds or wave action. These openings allow for changing colored lighting within allowing a changing back drop yet shielding direct lights inside with an underlying metal screen.

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