Art Warehouse Renovation

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Delray Beach, Florida

Project Size (sq ft):  16,800 SF

Completed:  Fall 2017

The “Cube”, so named by the local artists, refers to the shape of the existing warehouse. This empty shell will become a home for artists to work and exhibit their art. Paintings, sculpture, photography and filming will all be possible in this future art incubation space. The space is broken down into 20 individual artist studios with a large format space for sculpting or other large multi-media work. A gallery forms the entrance to the “Cube” allowing rotating exhibitions of the artists work or small performances.
Support spaces have also been included for administration offices, a class room, a computer room, a lounge, toilets, and storage space. In front, there is an iconic entry element which continues to foster the ‘cubic theme’ as do the square windows and colors blocks on the exterior. This redevelopment project is located next to the railroad tracks and is intended to help anchor and enhance the artist community within a blighted area of the town.